Özel Adel Eğitim Kurumları


    • Expertise
    • Logotype Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Strategy
    • Branded Experience and Interior Design
    • UI and UX Design
    • Website Software Development and Design
    • Social Media Consultancy
    • Digital Marketing

Established at the beginning of 2023, Venus Kindergarten aimed to be ready for the new educational season swiftly and start enrolling its first students. As its name suggests, Venus Kindergarten wanted to be the shining star of the industry, embodying a beacon of light and leadership.

We began by sculpting the brand's personality, infusing it with wisdom, nurturing, creativity, and fun.

  • Sage; a guide, expert, advisor and counselor.
  • Caregiver; protective, compassionate, selfless, reliable.
  • Creator; innovative and imaginative.
  • Jester; playful and cheerful.
  • Catchy, memorable
  • Different, out of the ordinary
  • Original
  • Timeless and sustainable

The constellation of stars in the logo represents Venus, the Moon and the two planets lined up on an axis when viewed from Earth at sunset. This is how Venus's strong glow and directional guidance are represented in the logo.

Colors & Typography







We developed a website from scratch, tailored to Venus's specific needs, ensuring both visual consistency and functionality.

  • Custom-Built Platform
  • User-Centric Design
  • Visual and Brand Consistency
  • Interactive Features
  • SEO Optimization and Analytics

Social Media Management

  • Social Media Account Setups
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising Management
  • Monthly Reporting