When we commenced our partnership with Ömer Aybak Çiğ Köfte in 2017, the brand was facing several issues. A predominant challenge was the "street food" perception prevalent in the industry, which raised concerns about health and hygiene. Additionally, the lack of consistent brand management had led to confusion with similarly named entities, and the brand was recognized and appreciated by only a niche audience despite being one of the tastiest options among the industry's chain brands. The primary task was to broadcast and popularize this taste to the masses.


At Dom Interactive, our initial step was to pinpoint the brand's current standing. Following this, we set clear objectives and developed strategic roadmaps to achieve them. A pivotal goal was to dismantle the "street food" perception. We repositioned the product to appeal to white-collar workers as a snack and positioned it as a starter for family dinners. To correct misconceptions, we produced videos and promotional films showcasing the hygienic production process and the safe delivery of the product to homes. We conducted enticing and curiosity-sparking photo shoots, designing table arrangements that captivated our new target demographic and conveyed the brand experience. In designing the corporate website, we aimed to transform the product from being perceived as inaccessible to easily obtainable, encapsulated by the slogan "the sought-after flavor is among us," which complemented a seamless mobile experience. Moreover, we launched an e-commerce platform enabling nationwide sales. We also crafted the brand narrative and disseminated it through magazines as part of our PR efforts.


Our strategic initiatives bore fruit swiftly, with the number of franchise branches increasing from 1200 to 1600. We achieved brand consistency across all outlets. Additionally, we initiated bulk sales in regions without branches through our e-commerce platform.