The Isparta Meydan Shopping Center, located in Isparta, had been under construction for an extended period but was left unfinished due to various reasons. Following a change in ownership, the decision was made to revive and complete the project for its grand opening. However, the prolonged period of inactivity had significantly tarnished the brand image, leading the client to seek our expertise in elevating their tarnished reputation.


At Dom Interactive, our initial step was to conduct a thorough analysis of the current situation before devising our strategic approach. Recognizing the importance of local familiarity, we drew inspiration from Isparta's natural environment. We crafted new color palettes inspired by the region's renowned roses and lavenders, as well as the scenic Eğirdir Lake. These palettes were then applied to patterns to be used throughout the shopping center. Furthermore, we undertook a revision of the logo to align with these new colors. Signage, directions, and totems within the mall were designed to reflect a cohesive concept, ensuring a visually unified shopping experience.


Our presentation was met with immediate approval from the client, leading to swift implementation. Today, Isparta Meydan stands as the region's most prestigious shopping center, a testament to the power of thoughtful branding and design in transforming public perception.