Following a company split, the newly established brand "Ahmet Kul İnşaat" faced the challenge of emerging in the construction industry with zero market recognition, despite a history of delivering high-quality projects under its previous name.


Dom Interactive embarked on crafting a new corporate identity and communication strategy to assertively position Ahmet Kul İnşaat in the market. We utilized a multi-channel advertising approach, integrating dynamic online campaigns with strategic press placements to showcase the brand's seasoned expertise and its fresh vision under the new name.

To reinforce brand recognition, we established consistency in the naming of new projects. For instance, projects in Istanbul were introduced with the "Dia" prefix, such as Dia Mare, Dia Bella, Dia Centro, and Dia Lity, creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity.


The rebranding efforts significantly enhanced the market presence of Ahmet Kul İnşaat, establishing it as a competent and visionary player in the construction industry. The strategic use of project naming not only aligned with the new brand identity but also facilitated the growth of brand equity, driving recognition and trust among target audiences.